Joane Patrick

14 years ago I began studying mind & body healing arts. In pursuit of self applied healing methods, I began studying life evolving and enhancing modalities such as: yoga, herbs, nutrition, meditations, qi gong, the Chinese meridian systemß, religion and cultural influences. I practiced with many Yogis’ to include Rodney Yee, Baron Bastita & especially with Yogi Hari in his system of Sampoorna Yoga in Miramar, Florida. I continued training under Qi-gong Teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner Master Genie Hardee, N.D., ABT (NCCAOM), C.I. (AOBTA). We studied the Five Treasures, Five Animal Frolics, Healing Sounds, Applications from Mantak Chia, Roger Janke and more. I practiced Wuji Style Qi-gong with Daisy Lee and Francisco Garapoli of Wuji Productions. Next I continued my training with The Vero Beach Qi-gong Society in South Florida learning “The Cloudwalker Mind/Body Healing System” under Chief Instructor John M.Walcott a 30 year practioner of martial and healing arts. John has synthesized his methods from the teachings of five (5) Masters. The Cloudwalker System proved to be the foundation for my teaching method. I became a certified instructor in the Cloudwalker Mind Body Healing System in 2006. This system teaches from a base of forms dating back 5000 years. They include the following: 1-10 standing meditations, 5 yang organ exercises, 12 silk weaving qi-gong style, 5 yin organ qi gong exercises, vibratory qi gong, 12 movements Riverwalk qi gong, and six basic healing sounds. In 2007 I attended training with Supreme Conscious Qi Gong in Ashville, N.C., and practiced Level I Qigong Healing & Breathing Applications, Level 2 Advanced Breathing & Movement Applications, and Level 3 Qigong Master Application. In 2007 I also attended a boot camp with, internationally renowned internal artist, Dr. John Painter, and studied Yi Yin Gong. In 2007 I also attended A Taste of China Taijiquan in Winchester, Va and practiced The Eight Circles of Healing. I am a member of the National Qi Gong Association, Conscious Living Partnership, North American Studio Alliance, and the American Society of Internal Arts. There are many levels of qi-gong from fast moving to standing meditations…. They are easy and enjoyable to do….. done slowly with deep special breathing to nice and relaxing music… The forms that I teach are good for every age from young to old. They can be done standing, sitting or lying down. In China these forms can be seen being practiced in parks, businesses, even street corners. People use these health enhancing methods to assist their bodies and minds to create a healthier and happier life.

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