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Medical Qigong Therapy is the oldest and one of the four main branches of

Chinese medicine along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical

massage. Medical Qigong Therapy is the study of the energetic map of the

body based on classical and alchemical Chinese Medicine. Medical Qigong

techniques can be practiced on oneself for self-cultivation or on others as

healing protocol.

Photo: Transmitting Qi, I tap the potential of the universe to serve for the healing and empowerment of others. - The Healing Promise of Qi by

Dr. Roger Jahnke

Distance Healing Treatments

Each session Includes an assessment of the energy body, clearing foreign

energy, balancing chakras and meridians, clearing solar plexus bowl, opening

belt channel clearing toxic emotional build-up, and additional work as necessary.

Healing sessions are provided via Zoom

Please contact directly at:

to discuss a treatment session.

 $150 per session

*Personal Qigong Healing Treatments

will be available after the pandemic. 

Treatments and Susan's B-Day Party. 018.
Treatments and Susan's B-Day Party. 017.

Your Guide

Your guide, John M. Walcott a 40 year veteran of the mind body arts has attended the 4 major schools of energetic therapies at The international Institue of Medical qigong -The International College of medical qigong a-3 treasure healing (Masters Level), Qigong institute of Rochester (advance level) , Isabell Gatto method of Intentional healing (Adept level) trained in Medical qigong , Advance Qigong healing, Therapeutic acupressure  and Intentional healing, moving forms of meditation, body work therapy, healing sound therapy, organ massage and deep body breathing for high cellular oxygenation and detoxification. There are special healing programs for Multi-chemical sensitivity, Panic attacks, sleep disturbances strengthening the immune system, relief from C.O.P.D. and fibromyalgia.