Distance Healing in the Time of Covid

Throughout history and from many cultures around our world we know the intentional offering of good thoughts, wishes, intentions have shown to affect individual and group health , toxic environments as well as improving toxic situations and environments . Potentially this can and has been accomplished from another location by the offering the intention of healing from another location, or a “over distance.” The term distance healing has been applied to many modalities from simple prayers to complex rituals of intentional healing from reiki, to healing touch, qigong healing Sat Nam Rasayan , pranic healing, Shamanic healing ,medical qigong where thinking about distance healing, to just a few of the thousands now known. When speaking of these modalities qigong healing The practitioners and the recipients would argue that distance itself becomes somewhat irrelevant. Whether it be from around the globe to across the street, the mystery of being the beneficiary of healing intention can’t be denied for those who have experienced it.

“ Energy follows intention or mind leads the energy” as the maxim goes in Qigong. As practitioners we need to tell the energy what to do therefore intention is essential to accomplish any progress or accomplishment in Distance healing.From the many studies done on group and individual prayer to the work of Masaru Emoto and his claim that Human consciousness can affect matter through his “messages in water studies” . Distance healing in its many forms and methodologies has brought positive change and relief throughout the millennia . In the age of Covid it is a safe and effective alternative to otherwise hands on approach.

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