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What Are We Doing When We Do Qigong?

Written by Solala Towler

Just what is this mysterious, miraculous, marvelous practice called qigong? Just what are we doing when we do qigong?

In a sense, we are stepping out of our mundane, limited sense of reality and opening ourselves up to a richer, wider and deeper form of experience. We are allowing what is infinite to be contained by what is so finite, our own bodies. Our own energy system a microcosm of the very planets and stars turning gently in space. Our own minds growing so expansive as to contain the universe. Our very own sense of self expanding into a greater, richer sense of divine self or what the Chinese call Wuji, the primordial origin of all life.

When we do our practice, our form, our breathing, our visualizations, our movements – we align ourselves with our own origin, our own divine birthright. We are allowing ourselves to become “empty vessels,” ready to be filled with the energy of the universe itself. As all of the sages, down throughout history, tell us, we in our humble and often confused states of being are still a part of the whole, a piece of the totality of it all. What better way to step forth into new dimensions of experience and knowledge? What better opportunity to allow ourselves the freedom, the strength, the deepness of character and intelligence to begin to let go of the chains of illusion and limitation that we have all been told we are? We are ever and so much more that that!

When we do qigong we are saying yes to magic, miracles and an openness to change, healing and growing, We are taking the first of a thousand steps into the unknown, into the very Tao itself. We are, at the very least, allowing ourselves to heal, to grow, to change along with the great changing that is always and constant. We are aligning ourselves with those great cycles of change, and in doing so we are ourselves from the tyranny of time and the limitations of life. We are setting ourselves free so that we can soar like the butterfly and flow like the water that was so beloved to the ancient Taoist sages, We are, in the end, practiced by our qigong as much as we practice it. One breath at a time, one movement at a time, one moment at a time.

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